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By: Chris Brook-Carter - 8 September 2003 17:20

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As you'll see in today's news I attended Diageo's re-launch of its flagship brand Smirnoff on Friday. Though any tinkering of such a colossal brand would be newsworthy this really is a quite an overhaul.
See our news section for an image of the latest design.
As for the just-drinks jury - well it's still out.
Personally I liked the "old" design (in fact its less than five years old). Crisp, clear and understated, it had a timeless appeal that I thought reflected its world leading position.
The new design is a bold attempt to be contemporary and is clearly aimed at the clubbing classes. However, in seeking to be contemporary Diageo has run the risk of cheapening its image and while it may look great on the RTDs when they are re-launched in the same style next year, it may quickly look dated on the parent product.
That said, according to Diageo, 75% of those tested in market research preferred the new design. And indeed that was the ratio that favoured new over old in a quick straw poll here in the office.
So what do I know?

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