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Beer marketing - it's different for girls

By: Olly Wehring - 13 August 2007 16:27

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News editor Jessica Harvey writes:

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) has started appealing to the UK's brewers to draw in a wider audience, with a recent survey showing that around 80% of women in the country have never tried bitter in a pub.

Being a woman, I feel inclined to open up this issue for debate, because the female audience is clearly vastly untapped, with beer companies consistently targeting such male obsessions as football, for example.

It takes more than putting something in a pink box and photographing a gaggle of females surrounding that box, meanwhile, to inspire women to buy into your product. When it comes to men, they tend to buy into something when the emphasis is aspirational - they're keener to 'desire' the product. Women, on the other hand, are much more product-focused, and would like know that they're being thought of more directly when it comes to marketing.

The way to win over the female customer, if you ask me, is to play on the loyalty women show when it comes to making purchases. One way of transferring a brand formerly targeted solely at men, is to suggest to women that they buy the product for the men in their lives. Buy this for your husband, and you're golden, basically.

How to do this? Well, there are many roads to take, but I have a few pinned down. I know how to market products in a male-dominated arena to women. I do. Trust me. Women are simple to figure, if you know them. This information is invaluable. If you want to know how... email me at jessica.harvey@just-drinks.com and maybe I'll slip you that secret over a beer some day.

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Just to add to Norman's comment on Ms. Gallo... Sofia Partida of Partida Tequila is also running a grass roots campaign promoting her delicious Tequilas. Her expertise ranges from production to food pairing. Not only is she a passionate speaker, but... She's also easy on the eyes! Mike Morales Intimate Tequila Tastings


Mike Morales, United States

As an added reason and example for women to get involved on the ground floor of producing a wine/beer/spirit, take the perfect example of Gina Gallo, who has spent time in the vineyards and goes around speaking with great authority on the finer aspects of wine production. I have been present when she speaks, and completley holds the attention of the 99% males in the room.


Norman Weiner, United States

The beer companies have no idea how to pitch their product to anyone but men. Since they have no women on the upper level, other than PR (AND Ms. Katz of AB made a fool of herself when she tried to defend AB's new SPYKES product). As it turned out, after I and a few others called AB on the idea of selling a 2oz "nail bottle size" beer product, they pulled it. Until the beer companies do get women involved from the ground up, they are not trained to know how to pitch a product (beer) to other women. Sorry to sound so sexist, but that's the way it is.


Norman Weiner, United States

Ms. Harvey raises some interesting points. While I agree that it takes more than putting something in a pink box and photographing it surrounded by women to get ladies to buy a product, it also takes more than merely buying it for their significant others to create brand loyalty. Recently, a marketing company took charge of a new tequila called Inocente. It claims to be triple distilled and smoother to be targeted toward women. Their approach is to market it like an exclusive perfume with ads at such stores as Dolce & Gabbana. This technique could also backfire miserably. I say you're both wrong! The best way to market once male dominated beer, wines, and spirits to women, is to engage them in the process of its brewing, distillation, or aging. In my experience, women hunger for technical information on alcoholic beverages to make their buying decisions. It's not glamorous or trendy, but it may create more brand loyalty than you think. Finally, asking a man to trust a woman for marketing advice on his beer or wine is like asking a man's advice on eyeliner! Mike Morales Intimate Tequila Tastings


Mike Morales, United States

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Beer marketing - it's different for girls

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