Blog: Beer cocktails abound as SABMiller gives Peroni a push

James Wilmore | 16 October 2014

SABMiller's bid to widen the appeal of beer is very much in evidence at its latest 'House of Peroni' - with beer cocktails and a bigger bottle for the Italian lager brand on offer.  

The company has secured the services of mixologist, Federico Riezzo, at the pop-up bars and restaurants in a property near Holborn, central London. Riezzo has created no less than six beer-infused long drinks for London's imbibing masses to try. 

just-drinks was lucky enough to be invited along to the "house" last night to sample some of the Peroni concoctions. Pick of the bunch was 'La Dolce Vista' - featuring Prosecco, pink grapefruit juice and, of course, a good slug of Peroni. With the rain beating down outside, the flavours brought back welcome thoughts of summer. A 'Honey Peroni' and Bourbon-infused 'Antique Fashioned' were also on offer. 

It seems unlikely that Miller Brands, the UK unit of SABMiller, will ever bottle or cans these creations, but it may try to persuade select pubs and bars to give them a go. 

Also on display was a new 750ml format of Peroni, with new smaller chalice-style glassware. Miller Brands seems desperate to maintain the lager brand's premium image and this is one way of reinforcing that message. 

But the idea of a couple enjoying a romantic meal over a big bottle of lager still seems slightly alien, I must admit. Still, full marks for trying to eradicate the 'lad' image around beer.   


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