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1936 and all that

By: Chris Brook-Carter - 10 September 2003 18:22

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The idea that someone would actually produce a range of wines for the popular market adorned with images of Hitler with names such as Fuherwein and Sieg Heil is almost too ridiculous to be believed, but there they are for all to see. The images have been too much for the German government, which has asked for an investigation into whether they break EU laws on inciting racism.
You would think, given the subject matter, that the owner Alessandro Lunardelli should also be investigated, to make sure he has a full set of marbles. But apparently the wines have been a "great marketing success".
Perhaps given the press interest they have generated (I have spotted reports from the US to Taiwan) I should not be surprised.
Though I am at pains to add to any "success", these labels really do have to be seen to be believed. So to view the labels go to and look for the historical range.
By the way, a colleague and I were discussing this morning how strange it was that the Hitler label should have provoked so much indignation while its sister wine, the attractively labelled Stalin brand should have passed by almost unmentioned. Stalin was a mass murderer on equal scale to Hitler, recognised as just as brutal and evil, yet his image never generates the offence his German counterpart does.
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