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Latest Insights

Britvic CEO heralds 2015 as "year of innovation"

Britvic's CEO has said that the company's Robinsons brand will be a “big focus” for next year as it ramps up innovations across a number of...

Can Beer Learn from Keurig and Nespresso?

The next frontier for the beer market is not your local bar or pub, or the beer cooler at your nearby supermarket; it’s your kitchen counter...

Will Coke Life, Pepsi True damage Stevia chances?

Amidst the much-publicised decline of both regular and reduced sugar carbonates, The Coca-Cola Co and PepsiCo have confirmed plans to launch...

Race to Innovate Blurs Drinks Category Lines

The increasingly fast-paced rise and fall of trends is having a major impact on the global drinks market. Consumers have begun not only to e...

Latest Interviews

Interview - PepsiCo chief scientific officer, Pt 2 22 Jul 2014

Olly Wehring

Last week, we published the first part of our interview with Dr Mehmood Khan, chief scientific officer at PepsiCo and head of global research & development. Here, in the second and final part, Dr Khan gives us a tour of the inner workings of PepsiCo's R&D approach and defines success and failure for his department.

Interview - PepsiCo chief scientific officer 10 Jul 2014

Olly Wehring

Late last month, editor Olly Wehring spoke with Dr Mehmood Khan, chief scientific officer at PepsiCo. In part one of this interview, Khan discusses the changing role of Research & Development in recent years, and where R&D sits in the company's armoury for growth.

Latest News

SHS Drinks' WKD Las Vegas Limited Edition 28 Nov 14

Andy Morton

SHE Drinks has lined up a new limited-edition flavour for it's WKD RTD range.

Diageo's Jinzu sake gin 28 Nov 14

Andy Morton

Diageo has launched a new gin that uses Japanese botanicals with the addition of sake.

Naranjas Che's Tarongino orange wine 28 Nov 14

Andy Morton

Spanish orange grower Naranjas Che has launched an organic alcoholic wine made from oranges.

Maison Sichel turns to Amazon for UK boost 27 Nov 14

Andy Morton

Maison Sichel is to sell its core brand Sirius Red in the UK through Amazon.

Product Launch - Britvic's J20 Spritz 27 Nov 14

Andy Morton

Britvic is to launch a lightly carbonated J20 extension as it looks to turnaround performance of the brand.

Britvic targets alcohol market with syrup mixers 26 Nov 14

Andy Morton

Britvic is to launch a range of mixers for alcohol as it looks to expand diluting opportunities beyond water.

Latest blogs

Has beer gone to the dogs? Will it make you feel ruff? Has it got... OH, FORGET IT! 21 Nov 14

Olly Wehring

I've stopped short of covering it as a product launch story on just-drinks, but take a look at this. Released this month in the UK, Snuffle Dog Beer is already available in 25 markets.

Starbucks' new craft - beer-flavoured coffee 26 Sep 14

Andy Morton

Despite accounting for just a small percentage of overall sales, craft beer is making an impression on the US.

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