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MPs' alcohol report: Should the trade be worried?

Every six months or so, a report or a piece of research is released about the UK's so-called alcohol “epidemic”. The national media jump on...

Pernod's Portman Group penalty - a coincidence?

Pernod Ricard has become the latest company to clash with the Portman Group, the UK's drinks industry watchdog....

Soft drinks trade "mobilised" to fight taxes - CCE

The head of Coca-Cola Enterprises has said the soft drinks industry is “in a far better position today” to fight legislation such as sugar t...

Comment - Brewers Knock on Marijuana Beer's Door

Keith Villa, the founder of MillerCoors's Blue Moon beer and a real-life doctor of brewing, is as close as the beer industry gets to a Miche...

Latest Interviews

The just-drinks Interview - Portman Group CEO 23 May 2014

James Wilmore

Henry Ashworth has faced plenty of challenges since taking the reins at the Portman Group in 2011. Dealing with the fall-out from decisions by the group's independent complaints panel and the ever-agitating UK health lobby means life is rarely dull. Here, Ashworth talks to just-drinks' deputy editor James Wilmore about the watchdog's work, and a certain Scottish brewer.

just-drinks Interview - Irish Distillers' CEO - II 12 Sep 2013

James Wilmore

Last week, just-drinks caught up with Irish Distillers' CEO Anna Malmhake. Part one of the interview ran on Tuesday. Here, in the second and concluding part of the interview, Malmhake discusses Irish whiskey's image, Pernod's competitors in the category and the threat of alcohol legislation in Ireland.

Latest News

Canada, EU trade deal sparks industry optimism 29 Sep 14

James Wilmore

Industry bodies have welcomed the prospect of final sign-off over a “landmark” trade deal between the EU and Canada, which includes scrapping import tariffs on spirits and wines.

Energy drinks tax ruled discriminatory 22 Sep 14

Stuart Todd

A tax on energy drinks in France has fallen foul of the country's Constitutional Council for a second time, but could be introduced in another form.

LIVE BLOG: Industry responds to Scotland 'No' vote 19 Sep 14

James Wilmore

Scotland has voted to stay in the United Kingdom. The 'No' campaign received 55% of votes, compared to 45% of voters in favour of independence. Follow live round-up of reaction from the drinks industry here:

Rabobank warns of "mountainous task" for Scotch 17 Sep 14

Olly Wehring

The Scotch whisky industry faces "a mountainous task" should Scotland vote in favour of independence tomorrow, according to Rabobank International.

Coca-Cola GB commits to colour-coded labelling 5 Sep 14

James Wilmore

The Coca-Cola Co's UK & Ireland unit has vowed to include full nutrition information on the vast majority of its products as part of an agreement with government.

SWA secures ORIGIN membership 5 Sep 14

Andy Morton

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has bolstered efforts to protect its geographical status by joining the Organisation for an International Geographical Indications Network (ORIGIN).

Latest blogs

A Kentucky whiskey that's not a Bourbon? Only in America... 20 Mar 14

Andy Morton

Diageo and Brown-Forman have been at loggerheads the past week over what is best for the Tennessee whiskey category.

Defining 'cost' - The duty + VAT calculator 21 Feb 14

Olly Wehring

From early April, the Government in the UK is implementing a ban on the sale of alcohol below cost.

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