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The future for drinks industry's waste products

A fledgling partnership between Jose Cuervo and the Ford Motor Co underlines the potential for the innovative and environmentally positive r...

Wine consumption and its health effects

A recent review article appearing in Food & Function, a publication of the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK, presents a summary of evide...

Why has Heineken made a Formula 1 U-turn?

Corporate sustainability strategies are about balancing commercial priorities with environmental and social concerns. Ben Cooper asks whethe...

Is there a link between alcohol and skin cancer?

Skin cancers, whether melanoma, basal cell, or squamous cell, are all increased by ultra-violet rays of the sun, and such cancers are much m...

Latest Interviews

Interview - MillerCoors' Blue Moon brewmaster 9 Jun 2014

Andy Morton

Keith Villa is the founder and head brewmaster of MillerCoors-owned Blue Moon Brewing Company, creator of the Belgium-style Blue Moon beer. During his visit to London last week, just-drinks sat down with the doctor of brewing to discuss quality issues in craft beer and what motivates him to experiment with bacon, peanut butter and chocolate. Villa also made clear why he considers Blue Moon a craft beer despite its corporate owners.

The just-drinks Interview - PepsiCo 10 Sep 2010

Michelle Russell

The debate raging around obesity, its victims and villains, causes and consequences, is shaping the policies of some of the world's most powerful multinational companies in a way few can have predicted only a few years ago. Derek Yach, senior vice president of global health policy for PepsiCo, talks to just-drinks.

Latest News

US passes GMO law to overturn Vermont ruling 4 Aug 16

Andy Morton

The US has rushed through a nation-wide GMO law that pre-empts a Vermont ruling that required mandatory labelling of products that contain genetically-altered ingredients.

Diageo sets sights on alcohol-alternative trends 28 Jul 16

Andy Morton

Diageo's CEO, Ivan Menezes, has said he wants to be in the vanguard of the growing non-alcoholic beverage market.

US brewers to list nutritional info 12 Jul 16

Andy Morton

US brewers are following their European counterparts with a voluntary plan to provide detailed information on nutrition content and ingredients.

South Africa outlines 20% sugar tax on sodas 11 Jul 16

Andy Morton

South Africa's Treasury has proposed a 20% tax on sugary soft drinks to help fight obesity-related diseases.

PepsiCo's Nooyi warns of aspartame fears 8 Jul 16

Andy Morton

PepsiCo's CEO has explained her company's decision to return aspartame to the Diet Pepsi portfolio, but admitted consumer "trepidation" around the artificial sweetener remains.

Diageo adds nutritional info to Johnnie Walker 30 Jun 16

Lucy Britner

Diageo has unveiled labelling of per-serving nutritional facts on its Johnnie Walker Red Label packs, as it looks to encourage drinkers to make informed choices.

Latest blogs

The brutal truth behind India's temperance movement 25 May 16

Andy Morton

Some people in India believe alcohol should be more difficult to purchase. Last month, the state of Bihar halted all alcohol sales as its chief minister made good on an election promise.

The argument against sugar tax made simple 30 Mar 16

Andy Morton

Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO John Brock came out fighting against the UK government's proposed sugar tax, saying he doesn't think it will pass unchanged.

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