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Cognac’s ethnic division in the US - Focus 6 Jan 2017

Recent data compiled by North American market research provider Ipsos through its Alcohol Consumption Tracker highlights how the Cognac segment operates differently along ethnic lines in the US. Among black consumers, Cognac has been very popular historically, relying heavily on this ethnic group to drive much of its volume in the country. The situation has changed in recent years, however, as white consumers are becoming more engaged in the sector.

What does Roust Corp's bankruptcy filing mean? 6 Jan 2017

Last Friday, Roust Corp, the Moscow-based producer of Russian Standard vodka, filed for bankruptcy in New York City.

Constellation Brands and the health of its beer 6 Jan 2017

Constellation Brands' Mexican beer unit has proved to be a powerhouse for the company. Quarter after quarter, analysts have praised the performance of Corona and Modelo in the US as the company moved to buy and build new breweries to keep up with demand. 

Has marijuana hit beer in the US? 16 Dec 2016

Reports in recent weeks have suggested that marijuana legalisation has created a drag on beer sales in states like Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. Although it is not yet clear what the long-term effects of marijuana legalisation will be, I see no evidence that, in the short term, legalisation has had an effect on beer sales.

The next challenge for Coca-Cola's Muhtar Kent 9 Dec 2016

As Muhtar Kent prepares to step down as CEO of The Coca-Cola Co, the question everyone will be asking is: What will his legacy be?

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Molson Coors invests in Spain's Cervezas La Sagra 20 Jan 2017

Molson Coors has bought a stake in Spanish brewery Cervezas La Sagra.

Boston Beer Co reformulates Rebel IPA 20 Jan 2017

Boston Beer Co has completed a four-year project to change the recipe of its Samuel Adams Rebel IPA brand. 

Bai Brands, Justin Timberlake in Super Bowl ad 20 Jan 2017

Bai Bubbles maker Bai Brands has announced a new advertising campaign in the US, featuring its 'chief flavour officer' Justin Timberlake. 

A-B InBev acquires Spain's Cervezas La Virgen 19 Jan 2017

Anheuser-Busch InBev's venture capital unit, ZX Ventures, has bought Spanish brewery Cervezas La Virgen.

Beverage companies to benefit from US tax drop 18 Jan 2017

US plans to lower corporate tax could offset potential cost increases from a proposed border levy, an analyst has said.

Premium wine set for US sales jump - study 18 Jan 2017

Premium wine sales in the US are expected to grow by as much as 14% this year amid improved retails conditions and good supply, a new report has said.

Brannland Cider secures US entry with Skurnik deal 18 Jan 2017

Sweden's Brannland Cider is to enter the US after signing a new distribution deal.

US craft beer growth slows again - IRI figures 17 Jan 2017

The craft beer slowdown in the US looks to be continuing as year-end figures show a marked deceleration in supermarket and convenience growth for top brands.

Former Stoli Group CEO joins Perfect Vodka owner 17 Jan 2017

The former head of Stoli Group has been appointed global spirits director at Perfect Brands Capital Partners (PBCP).

Pernod Ricard's Absolut Lime - NPD 16 Jan 2017

Pernod Ricard has introduced a new Absolut vodka flavour to the US market.

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Anheuser-Busch InBev execs have a dream - a US$350m-sized one 15 Nov 2016

Ever wondered what fuels Anheuser-Busch InBev's acquisitional drive? Is it naked ambition? Faith? The good of mankind?

Anheuser-Busch InBev's Bud Light ad pull shows not all campaigns can win 31 Oct 2016

Anheuser-Busch InBev is reportedly calling a halt to its Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer Bud Light campaign in the US.

Queues are forming for latest (Jim Beam) Apple product 9 Sep 2016

Move over iPhone 7 headphones-gate, there is a new Apple product causing a stir. Or a shake. Or just a shot.