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Comment - Taiwan: The Future for Whiskey? 13 Mar 2012

There’s a large and very prominently displayed sign at the entrance of Kavalan’s visitor centre in their distillery at Yi-Lan, Taiwan. “The New Homeland of Whisky”, it reads. Now, it would be easy to dismiss that as marketing hyperbole or simple self-aggrandisement, were it not that around 1m people a year see the sign.

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C&C Group agrees Taiwan deal for Magners 24 Jun 2016

C&C Group has agreed a distribution deal for Magners in Taiwan as it continues to strengthen the cider's global footprint.

Pernod sets up Glenlivet Taiwan snooker stand 5 Mar 2014

Pernod Ricard is running an “out-of-store brand space” in Taiwan's Taoyuan international airport for its The Glenlivet single malt Scotch whisky brand.

'Uni-President to spend US$100m on new factories' 21 Dec 2012

Uni-President Enterprises Corp is investing US$100m in two new factories in China, according to local reports.

Royal Salute Tribute to Honour hits Asia 18 Jul 2012

Pernod Ricard's Royal Salute 'Tribute to Honour' ultra-premium blended Scotch has been launched in Asian travel retail, in Taiwan and Singapore airports.

The Coca-Cola Co stands by 'Zero' safety 18 Jul 2011

The Coca-Cola Co has insisted that its products are safe to drink despite a ban in Taiwan on the importation of some Coke Zero ingredients.

Contaminated drinks pulled from Taiwan shelves 25 May 2011

A number of sports and soft drinks brands have been removed from supermarket shelves in Taiwan as a result of contamination with a banned chemical, according to local reports.

Whyte & Mackay to grow in Taiwan 2 Jun 2010

Burn Stewart Distillers is to distribute and promote Whyte & Mackay's flagship single malt Scotch whiskies in Taiwan.

Bros & Rudd targets Far East with Glenrothes 12 Jun 2009

Bros & Rudd Spirits has launched two new vintages for the Far East market.

Taiwan Beer to launch in China - report 10 Dec 2008

Taiwan's state-owned alcohol producer is preparing to launch its Taiwan Beer on the growing Chinese market, according to local reports.

Russian Standard launches in Taiwan 22 Jul 2008

Russian Standard Vodka has launched its Standard Original brand in Taiwan.