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Comment - Peso Poops the Concha y Toro Party 30 Aug 2011

Chile's strong peso currency is threatening to gatecrash the Vina Concha y Toro party.

Focus - Growing Pains for Chilean Wine 11 Jul 2011

Chile's wine industry is facing enforced consolidation due to pressure on wineries' profitability, but the country's longer-term future looks much brighter.

Comment - Chile, After the 'Quake 13 Apr 2010

You have to admire the resilience of the Chileans. At the end of February, the country was rocked by the seventh biggest earthquake on record. That, a mere six weeks later, Chris Losh is able to write a column about how this natural disaster has affected the wine industry without it looking grossly inappropriate is testament to the country’s ability first of all to plan for such an eventuality, and secondly to pick up the pieces and soldier on.

Chilean wine to suffer in downturn 11 Nov 2008

A deteriorating global economy means those who have invested heavily in developing Chile’s wine industry face an uncertain future, writes Chris Losh.

Harvest Report 2006 - Chile 26 Jul 2006

In the final of our Southern Hemisphere harvest reports, Dean Best looks at Chile. The country's wine producers are heralding 2006 as an excellent year for both red and white wines, as fears that frosts in the spring and mid-April may have affected quality have subsided.

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Concha Y Toro YTD profits, sales up 2 Dec 2014

Concha Y Toro, the Chilean wine producer, has reported a jump in nine-month net profits and sales, but volumes suffered in Q3.

CHILE: Rum on the slide - video 24 Sep 2014

The rum category has had a torrid time in Chile over the past three years, with volumes plunging and international brands exiting.

Santa Rita Estates switches CEO 2 Sep 2014

Chilean wine group Santa Rita Estates (SRE) has appointed a new CEO as the current incumbent has left after nearly four years in the role.

Coca-Cola Andina H1 sales up 2 Sep 2014

Coca-Cola Andina has reported a double-digit lift in first-half sales, helped by the acquisition of Brazilian drinks firm Ipiranga, but has warned of slowing consumption levels in its four markets.

Corona Argentinean one-off drives CCU in H1 11 Aug 2014

CCU has seen its profits perform well in the first half of 2014, thanks to a one-off payment to its Argentinean unit.

Alcohol tax hikes loom for Chile 14 Jul 2014

A senior figure at Wines of Chile has told just-drinks that wine is not to blame for drink-related issues in the country, as Chile's alcohol industry faces down controversial tax reforms.

CCU "not pleased" with Q1 as profits flat-line 7 May 2014

CCU has voiced its discontent with first-quarter figures that show profits stagnating

Chile's 2013 wine exports rise bulk shipping soars 10 Feb 2014

Chilean wine exports showed strong growth in 2013, but average prices dipped by more than 10%, according to latest figures.

Santa Rita's Bougainville 2010 18 Oct 2013

Santa Rita's Bougainville 2010

Severe frost decimates Chile vineyards - report 4 Oct 2013

Wine regions in central Chile have been severely affected by the country's worst period of Spring frost for 84 years, with a state of emergency being declared in the region, according to reports.