Yellowglen Winery has introduced two wines in the US market with the launch of its Australian sparkling wines.

The winery's Pink and Yellow varieties, which have risen to the top of the Australian sparkling wine scene since 2000, have been available in Florida.

Yellowglen said that the two brands have grown more than 100% over the last three years with more than 1m cases sold, holding a 19% volume share of the Australian sparkling wine market.

Yellowglen brand manager Bettina Ferrando said: "Bringing 'Pink' and 'Yellow' by Yellowglen to the United States makes perfect sense. These sparkling wines are stylish, fun, delicious and very affordable - we think that US bubbly fans will love being able to choose a sparkling wine for every day.

"These are the perfect sparklers for any gathering - from the 'girls' night' party to the Sunday picnic in the garden - 'Pink' and 'Yellow' really make every day a celebration."

Yellowglen's Pink sparkling is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, while Yellow is an all Chardonnay wine.