Yellow Tail is to launch a US$6m television campaign across the US. The marketing campaign for the Casella family-owned wine brand also includes a new consumer website.

The TV ad campaign, entitled "Tails, you win", will run for the next 14 weeks on 10 national networks such as Lifetime and A&E, the company said yesterday (9 September). The push features three different ads, using the figures of a mermaid, Godzilla, and a comet, all with yellow tails and the "Tails, you win" tag line.

The campaign is expected to reach almost half of all adults aged between 35 and 64. The brand's US importer, WJ Deutsch, said that test markets indicate that half of the adults who see the ad campaign could increase their purchase of Yellow Tail wines by 5%.

Isabelle McDonnell, marketing director for Yellow Tail, said: "Our research shows that, through this 'out-of-the-bottle' creative TV campaign, we have the opportunity to introduce and convert millions of additional wine drinkers to … Yellow Tail over this holiday season."

In addition to the investment in television advertising, the company has created an interactive consumer website,