XStream Beverage Network is looking to enter the Chinese market.

The Florida-based company said yesterday (19 January) that it had entered into an agreement with International Strategic Group (ISG), a consulting and advisory firm which focuses on investment opportunities in China.

"China is a multi-billion dollar beverage market and it makes absolute sense for us to participate in it," said Jerry Pearring, president of XStream Beverage. "But rather than spend a great deal of company resources to explore a market as large as China, we have partnered with ISG in order to more effectively manage the process.

"We believe ISG can and will identify the right opportunities and business partners for us within China."

Li Li, founder and president of ISG, said: "We believe XStream's products have great potential in China, particularly Chinese Rocket Fuel and Yohimbe Energy Drink.

"To date, we have identified seven firms which meet the criteria we established for XStream's Chinese partner. We anticipate narrowing the candidates down to one in a timely manner in order to bring XStream's products to the Chinese market as quickly as possible."

XStream recently launched Chinese Rocket Fuel, a 16 oz. energy drink formulated with a blend of Chinese herbs.