As the World Trade Organisation's (WTO) Doha Development Round moves towards completion, a big push is underway to see a wine and spirits geographical indication register established within the final deal.

A WTO special group for the issue met on Monday (3 December) with supporters of the register pushing for full negotiations on the issue, ending technical discussions that have dragged on for years. The European Union (EU) led this call, backed by Guinea, China, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Kyrgyzia, Macedonia, Madagascar, Morocco, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand and Turkey.

Opposing nations - Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Argentina, the US, Taiwan, Chile, Costa Rica and South Africa - have called for technical discussions to continue.

WTO diplomats say this opposition will only be overcome if the EU and others link a Doha deal to agreement on the register. "It's up to drinks industry lobbyists to push now," said one.