The Wine & Spirit Trade Association has launched European wine plan in the UK.

The plan is designed to ensure that wine is promoted in a way that encourages moderation and responsibility in alcohol consumption and to make moderation fashionable, the WSTA said yesterday (18 April).

The EU Wine Plan for Responsible Consumption Communication is based around what the WSTA calls a 'common message' and will be communicated through the new Wine Information Council, an 'Arts de Vivre' education campaign and the European Wine Communication Standards.

"Wine, as with all alcohol, if consumed in moderation, can be part of a perfectly healthy lifestyle," said WSTA chief executive Jeremy Beadles. "We want to work with Comité Vins and with all our European counterparts in ensuring that alcohol is treated with respect and enjoyed responsibly. We hope that the 'Arts de Vivre' campaign will help us in this.

CEEV vice president and chairman of the CEEV Wine and Health Working Committee George Sandeman added: "The effective implementation of this commitment for the moderation and responsibility in the consumption of wines is a strategic priority to ensure the sustainable development of the EU wine chain, fully compatible with a healthier Europe."