The UK's Wine and Spirit Association has welcomed the country's Home Secretary David Blunkett's announcement that he will press ahead with his plans for national identity cards. Blunkett's statement echoes the Prime Minister's declaration that ID cards might be introduced "even quicker than we anticipated".

Quentin Rappoport, director of the WSA, said: "We have long been pressing to be given the tools to limit underage access to alcohol, which we believe is a paramount step in tackling alcohol misuse. We are delighted that the Home Office has decided to go ahead with national ID cards, and we look forward to working with Government to enforce a 'No ID, No Sale' campaign, which will virtually stamp out underage drinking."

ID cards are one of several measures put forward by the WSA in response to the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit on Alcohol Harm Reduction for tackling alcohol misuse. Other suggestions include voluntary unit labelling and voluntary sensible drinking messages on drinks packaging.