The UK's Wine and Spirit Association has been renamed as the Wine & Spirit Trade Association.

The re-naming is part of the review of the Wine and Spirit Association's governance and purpose. 

"The new name underlines its unique position as the only trade association representing such a broad range of businesses and interests within the wine and spirit trade," a statement said.

Joanna Delaforce, WSTA chairman, said: "This change is long overdue. Our comprehensive scope has not always been recognised by others in the trade and I welcome the decision that our Executive Committee has made."

Barry Sutton, deputy chairman, who led the working group appointed to review the association's way forward, which recommended the major structural changes that the Association is implementing, added: "This symbolic change is another sign of our determination to stress the undoubted authority of the WSTA as the leading voice and supporter of the UK wine and spirit trade in all its aspects. We have made some fundamental changes in our operations, all aimed at strengthening our ability to fight effectively for the interests of our trade and its millions of customers across the country."