South Africa is breaking away from its traditional, annual UK and European road show, opting instead for a mega Pan-European tasting at Billingsgate in London.

The two-day show, to be organised by Wines of South Africa (WOSA) on 11 and 12 October is intended as a high-impact exhibition type event, which will include themed tastings.

Besides the wine media, it will be aimed at the both the on- and off- trade from throughout the UK and the continent, which collectively accounts for about 90% of South Africa's wine trade.

More than 200 wineries have signed up to present their wines. The wineries will showcase their brands by region and not under the banner of their importing agents.
"As far as we know, no such event has ever been offered by another wine-producing country," WOSA CEO, Su Birch said in Stellenbosch today (2 June).

Wosa has also created a detailed on-line catalogue highlighting the participating wineries, their products and price points to enable visitors to plan their visits effectively. The catalogue is available at