The challenge facing Wines of South Africa (WOSA) was to create a common vision with the co-operation of all members, especially the major players requiring producers to work in concert and not in negative competition, said WOSA's new chairman, Dr Paul Cluver.

"We come from an environment where single marketing operations throughout the agricultural sector dictated to members how to run their operations. WOSA has neither the mandate, nor the desire to enforce its views," he said.

However he also believes the ultimate responsibility of adopting world-class standards in viticulture, viniculture and marketing rests with individual producers.

"The building of a generic South African brand is imperative, but difficult to achieve immediately. This is a multi-dimensional country, with a complexity reflected in the diversity of its wines. While its many facets gives us a rich complexity, affording us a competitive advantage, it also makes the creation of a simple image, a difficult process," he said.

He added that WOSA would continue to build support across a variety of fronts, focussing on traditional and new markets.