William Grant & Sons has lined up an advertising push for its Reyka vodka brand.

The promotion marks the company's first above-the-line advertising spend, William Grant said yesterday (5 June). The three internet adverts, which feature Icelandic singer Hafdis Huld, will run in the US, UK and Iceland throughout June and July.

The GBP1m (US$1.99m) spend will feature static and interactive banner ads on sites including gawker.com, thrillist.com and wonkette.com, as well as on-line competitions to win a trip to Iceland and a new website, at www.reyka.com. The campaign targets opinion-forming 25-35 year olds and high frequency web-users.

"We wanted to create a series of ads that really communicated Reyka Vodka's heritage as an intrinsically Icelandic product and to do this successfully we needed to work with Icelandic actors and script writers," said Elwyn Gladstone, Reyka Vodka's brand director. "People are getting fed up with pretentious vodka advertising - its time for someone to have a little fun with it. Reyka's eco-friendly production, supremely high quality, and 'hand-made' credentials give us the license to have a bit of fun. Iceland has huge relevancy to our target consumers and we wanted to give them the 'Reyka' view on what Iceland is."

The adverts will be supported by an integrated PR and marketing plan which includes the release of a limited edition bottle, on which eight Icelandic images will appear on the neck of the bottle from August.