The German Winegrowers' Association has been forced to relocate next year's Intervitis Interfructa trade show.

The event, which focuses on wine, fruit juice and fruit technology, had been scheduled to be held at the New Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre next year. However, two long and hard winters, coupled with an accident in February mean that the trade fair will take place at the old Trade Fair Centre in Killesberg again, the association said.

"We were all looking forward immensely to the New Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre, but we now must make the best of the situation", said Dr. Rudolf Nickenig, general secretary of the German Winegrowers' Association.

Discussions were also held with the advisory panel for the event to decide whether the date of the trade fair should be put back by around six weeks to June 2007 since it would be impossible to hold the event at the New Trade Fair Centre from 22 to 26 April 2007 in spite of faster construction work on the site.

"However, the harvesting season for fruit producers starts in June and winegrowers are also very busy outside", said Joachim Schröder, chairman of the panel. "It wouldn't help our exhibitors if the trade fair was held at the New Trade Fair Centre, but at an unfavourable time of year."