The lack of domestically-produced alcohol on Russia's shelves should end within the next two weeks.

A spokesperson for the country's Finance Minister said earlier this week that Russian-made liquor should be available again within ten to 15 days. Domestic producers have been struggling with new laws regulating production and distribution of alcohol in the country, which came into full effect on 1 July.

The law, which introduced new excise stamps and a network software database handling the production and movement of alcohol in Russia, has stripped the countries shelves of wine and spirits for the last four weeks.

Importers and distributors have either limited or suspended shipments to retailers, while shopkeepers have returned their stock to be stamped. An insufficient number of excise stamps and glitches in the software led to the shortage.

The spokesperson said that Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin had discussed the situation with Anatoly Serdyukov, the head of the Federal Tax Service. "Serdyukov believes that supplies of domestically-produced alcoholic beverages could be restored in 10-15 days," the spokesperson said.

The new laws were introduced to reduce the amount of bootleg alcohol on the Russian market.