Amazon failed in a previous attempt to sell wine

Amazon failed in a previous attempt to sell wine

Online retailer Amazon has relaunched its wine platform in a second attempt to break the US wine market.

Starting yesterday (8 November), customers in 12 states and the District of Columbia can buy cases of six bottles for a US$9.99 flat fee. Amazon said more states will be added soon. 

The platform follows an aborted attempt four years ago that eventually fell foul of tough US laws that ban direct sales from out-of-state wineries in some states. The new venture allows wineries to ship product, therefore circumventing the rules, according to a previous report

One vineyard owner said the online platform will help it reach new customers.

“People love to explore wine, but it is rare to have detailed information and opinions located all in one place,” said Tom Hedges of Hedges Family Estate, Red Mountain, Washington state. “What Amazon has done with their new wine store is take the experience of hundreds of tasting rooms and put them online.”

The 12 states are California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.