Internet television station Wine Nation TV, which carries live talks about wine, will launch in the US next month.

Wine Nation TV said yesterday (14 February) that the new station, which will be launched through a partnership with Wi-Fi TV, will cover the US wine scene.

"Following our successful launch through syndicated cable, becoming part of the global Internet TV platform of Wi-Fi TV takes us to the next level. It means that anyone in the world with an Internet connection can not only watch the Wine Nation TV shows but can chat live with others who share a love of wine. We will be working with Wi-Fi TV to sell sponsorships to the wine industry, and to add features of interest to wine lovers on an on-going basis," said the company.

Wine Nation added: "We are especially interested in bringing our content to iPhones and other places that no one has ever marketed wine before, as part of our distribution through Wi-Fi TV."

New episodes of Wine Nation will premiere on Wi-Fi TV on a bi-weekly basis and will include celebrity wine and food enthusiasts as well as a number of leading winemakers, the company said.