Wine producers have faced fresh calls for more innovation from a UK wine buyer at the Wine Evolution trade show in Paris today (30 January).

Somerfield's Angela Mount called on wine companies to look to innovation to help bring further growth in the country.

"Compared to the spirits and beer markets, there definitely isn't enough innovation in the wine market," Mount said. "What I find is a lot of agents and producers are coming in for meetings to look at their new products with the same message - nothing particularly new."

Mount added: "I think the single most important factor is getting more information to the customer in a more relevant way. It's working with producers to find ways of communicating that either on-bottle or on-shelf to the consumer."

Mount's comments follow those in October from Dan Jago, head of Beers, Wines and Spirits at Tesco, the UK's biggest wine retailer.

He then slammed the wine industry for being uncreative, slow to learn and failing to talk to consumers in a language that they understand.

Mount, however, cited Hardy Wine Company's Shuttle serve bottle (pictured), unveiled late last year, as a positive innovation in the category.

"Less than 40% of supermarket shoppers buy their wine in the supermarket. Some 70% of the adult population drink wine, so there's a big conversion battle there.

"We need to develop more opportunities to move wine out of the wine aisle and actually into the other aisles. It's ideas like that that we're looking at."