The wine industry must unite and push wine as a category in emerging markets if it is to succeed, delegates heard at the London International Wine Fair (LIWF).

Key seminar speaker Troy Christensen, president of Constellation Europe, called for generic bodies to collaborate to promote wine as a category rather than individual brands and countries.

He urged the industry to develop fruit flavoured 'gateway' brands to encourage trial and experimentation.

"Some mystique about wine is helpful but we have swung the pendulum too far," he said. "We also need to stop dumping low quality wine on emerging markets in an attempt to reduce the oversupply."

However, Arend Heijbroek, Rabobank International associate director beverages, warned medium-sized companies not to invest in emerging markets: "For the big guys it's good but smaller companies should develop their current markets, which is less risky," Heijbroek said

Potential markets include India, Mexico, China, South Korea, Brazil, Poland, Turkey and Africa, the seminar concluded.