The value and volume of Australian wine exports rose in December, according to figures released today. The Australian Bureau of Statistics said exports in unadjusted terms for the month climbed by 14.8% in quantity and 15% in value compared with the previous month.

Wine exports for December totalled 43.4m litres, valued at A$181.2m (US$137.3m). The figures show a fall compared to December 2002, however, when exports reached 47.6m litres and A$232.6m.

Seasonally-adjusted figures showed a drop in domestic sales of Australian-produced wine of 0.8% for the month, although sales rose by 9.5% year-on-year.

Australia exported 516.5m litres of wine with a value of A$2.42 billion in fiscal 2002-03, up from 418.5m litres at A$2.11 billion in 2001-02.