Figures from France's drinks trade federation, the FEVS, show that the value of French wine exports in 2003 totalled €5.76 billion, a rise of 2.3% on the previous year, on a 2.4% dip in volume. This was well down on the growth rate of 6.4% posted in 2002.
Last year's export performance becomes even more mediocre when Champagne and
the grands chateaux Bordeaux wines are excluded from the totals revealing a decline of 4.6% in value on a 3.1% fall in volume.

Champagne volumes were up 6.5% in value and 8.3% in volume.

Overall, the still AOCs were stable in value and down 8.2% in volume. Bordeaux proved the exception rising 9% in value while vins de pays  were up 6.6%.

As for spirits, values were stable at just over €2 billion but volumes leapt 24.6%. There was a buoyant performance from the previously depressed cognac segment  (+10.8% in volume) and also from liqueurs (+15.9%).