UK wine drinkers feel misled by wine labels and admit to buying wine based on interesting label design, according to a recent survey.

Research unveiled last week by Viña Ventisquero's Chilean wine brand Yali revealed that nearly half (49%) of the UK's wine drinkers prefer wine with a clear, modern label and are often more likely to base their choice of wine on the look of the bottle.

The majority of people (52.3%) also said that they felt that they had been misled by wine labels.

"65% of those surveyed said that they choose Chilean wine because the labels are simple and easy to understand, suggesting that the fact Chilean wine is labelled according to its grape variety drives purchase," the company noted.

The survey also showed that over a third (31.1%) of people would be more adventurous with wine if they understood the labels and a quarter (26.8%) think that, in general, wine labels contain too much useless, un-user friendly information.

Research was conducted by Experian among a sample of 1,500 wine drinkers across the UK between 14 December and 20 December.