The US drank more wine in 2011 than the year prior

The US drank more wine in 2011 than the year prior

The wine market in the US posted a slight rise in volumes last year, according to recent data, as the introduction of newer varietals proved successful.

Wine consumption in the country increased in 2011 by 3% on the year before in volume terms, according to the Beverage Information Group's 2012 Wine Handbook, released this week. Volumes came in at around 312.4m nine-litre cases.

Although wine from domestic producers continued to outpace imports, Italy, Argentina and Spain fared well in the year. The US consumer's perception that domestic wine is of better value to those from abroad benefitted producers from California, Washington and Oregon.

"As consumers discover new varietals, regions and price points, overall wine consumption is expected to continue to increase over the next five years," according to Adam Rogers, senior research analyst for Connecticut-based Beverage Information Group. "The wine industry is predicted to reach 317.3m cases by 2012."

In value terms, sales last year rose by 2.8% year-on-year, totalling US$27.8bn.

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