The Australian wine industry is targeting extra sales of A$4bn (US$3.3bn) worth of wine over the coming five years, according to local reports.
The plan comes despite a debilitating glut last year followed by a drought this year in the country.
A joint programme between the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation and the Winemakers Federation of Australia, unveiled today (2 May), has forecast that total sales between now and 2010-2011 could hit A$30bn, beating the current level of production target of A$26bn.
The two trade bodies released 'Wine Australia; directions to 2025' today, following 18 months of research.
"There's a strong focus on enhancing business skills, environmental performance and an ongoing industry commitment to social responsibility that will underpin sustainability at all levels," Winemakers Federation of Australia chief executive Stephen Strachan told ABC News.
The three main areas of focus, the report concluded, are anticipating the market, influencing consumer demand and building sustainable success.