Click through to view William K Busch Brewing Cos Kräftig Lager, Kräftig Light

Click through to view William K Busch Brewing Co's Kräftig Lager, Kräftig Light

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William K Busch Brewing Co's Kräftig Lager, Kräftig Light

Category - Beer, lager, US, 4.2% abv for Kräftig Light, 5% abv for Kräftig Lager

Available - From this month

Location - US, currently only in metropolitan St Louis and neighbouring Missouri and Illinois, on- and off-trade

Price - Not specified, but aimed at “upper end of premium”

Distribution - St Louis distribution is handled by Summit Distributing. Illinois distribution is managed by Fritz Distributing

The two variants will be available in six- and 12-pack bottles as well as in 24oz loose. The on-trade will offer the beers on draught.

The company hopes to extend the roll-out regionally in the US going forward.

Company founder William K. Busch is the great grandson of Adolphus Busch, founder of Anheuser-Busch. Formed last year, William K Busch Brewing Co “has no connection or association in any way with Anheuser-Busch InBev or any of its affiliates”, the company said.

The idea of forming the company came to Busch two years ago, the brewer said, “when he realised that, for the first time in a century-and-a-half, no member of his family was involved in the business of brewing beer in his home city of St. Louis”.

The brands will initially be brewed under the supervision of company brewmaster Marc Gottfried at City Brewing Co in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. The company’s plans to construct a facility in St. Louis. Details will be announced “in the near future”.