The independent whisky company William Grant & Sons, owner of the Glenfiddich brand, has continued the extension of its portfolio beyond its traditional Scotch confines by acquiring three rum brands.

The company has bought Old Vatted Demerara, Wood's 100 Old Navy and Vat 19 from Diageo and Pernod ricard, who acquired the brands when threy jointly acquired the Seagram drink business.

Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

The acquisition is the second by Grant in almost as many weeks, having bought the number three premium Canadian whisky, Gibson's Finest, from Diageo earlier in the month.

The three rum brands sell about 100,000 cases a year in the UK. Old Vatted Demerara is the most popular dark rum in Scotland, selling 50,000 cases annually.

Vat 19, a leading golden rum brand in Northern Ireland, is distilled by Angostura.

The rums will be marketed and distributed by First Drinks Brands, a UK company jointly owned by Grant's and Bacardi-Martini.

Chris Mason, the managing director of First Drinks Brands, said: "Old Vatted Demerara is a big brand in Scotland and we shall leverage its success north of the border to strengthen our relations with the Scottish trade while building the equity of all the brands in their respective strongholds across the UK."