The US winemaker Wildhurst Vineyards has said that all of its wines will be coming on line finished with an aluminum screw cap closure from South Africa, according to Dennis Canning, CEO of Briarcliff Wine Company, the global marketer and sole owner of the Wildhurst Vineyards brand.

Canning said: "We decided to make the shift to all screw cap for all 20,500 cases of the Wildhurst 2004 Sauvignon Blanc just now released. This wine is has a particularly lovely, clean, fruit intensity and we wanted to take no chance of the wine being corked to any degree. Like all of us in the wine trade, we are particularly sensitive to the problem of 'corked' wines, and this wine, especially, was meant to be consumed within a year or two of purchase. We believe this closure does the better job in preserving the aromatics, freshness and fruit characteristics of our Wildhurst wines. In addition, there are considerable savings involved with this type of closure and we can pass these savings on to the consumer. Like others, I believe this type of closure is the future for delicate wines."

Wildhurst will use the SAVin closure from South Africa.