Watch out world, the Australians are making wine fun! One of the most colourful stands at Wine Australia 2000 in Melbourne hosts Wicked Wines - a division of BRL Hardy.

The brightly coloured bottles have intriguing names like Flirt and Lust and come with promotional advertising that is of the Ally McBeal school of design.

But Wicked is not just a marketing gimmick. The wines are good quality and have been made with a specific audience in mind.

Flirt is a sparkling wine and a blend of three grape types. It is very fruity with none of the acidity of traditional sparklers.

Lust (aka Fruity White Tingle) is stunningly sweet and made from Frontignac grapes. It is only 5.5% alcohol as much of the sugar has been left in the wine.

Envy is a straight forward Chardonnay and Greed is Shiraz.

What all the wines have in common is that they are relatively high in sugar content because they are designed to appeal to untrained and novice pallets.

But these wines are not frivolous purchases. At A$10 to A$12 a bottle they are in the same sort of range as Hardy's Nottage Hill and significantly more than a bottle of Orlando Wyndham's Jacob's Creek.

"We want to attract people with the bottles and the marketing but we also want to give them a good wine to encourage them to come back," says brand manager Denys Hornbrook.

"This is what we call a concept brand and it is a response to the need to attract young and novice wine drinkers. The wine industry is not doing enough to grow the wine market and while we have had some negative comments from rivals we at least are doing something and it is proving very successful."

"We originally thought the demographic for Wicked would be 20 to 32 year old females and while the consumers are overwhelmingly female it appears to be the young at heart rather than just the young that are buying it.

"We have already sold out of Lust and we have plans to introduce more grape varieties under new names.

"We have been using the internet to market the wines and the labels encourage drinkers to go to the website. We have also been giving away stacks of merchandise to help build a reputation."

Wicked is only available in Australia and New Zealand at the moment but Hardys is looking at an international role out starting with Canada in February.

"We are accessorising wine and while we have spent a lot developing this we are already on the way to recouping the investment. You wouldn't believe the number of letters I've had from people who are just raving about it - and they would only do that if it was good wine."