Whyte & Mackay gets Cockspur rum in UK

Whyte & Mackay gets Cockspur rum in UK

Whyte & Mackay will be the new distributor for Cockspur rum in the UK and Ireland following the brand's split from Blavod Wine & Spirits.

Whyte & Mackay and Cockspur's owner, West Indies Rum Distillery (WIRD), announced their deal today (24 September). It comes less than 24 hours after WIRD and Blavod Wine & Spirits announced the end of their distribution agreement on Cockspur.

Shane Starkey, Whyte & Mackay's commercial director for the UK, said the deal was a win-win: "For us, it allows us greater diversification as we now have premium rums to sit alongside our whiskies and vodkas. For Cockspur, they have the opportunity to tap into our already existing sales network to help them grow further in the UK."

WIRD'S chairman, John Taylor, added: "Whyte & Mackay's proven track record of brand-building and their comprehensive sales structure will give Cockspur a real boost and help ensure that the brand reaches its true potential in the UK market."

The deal  is effective from 1 October. WIRD has agreed to pay Blavod an undislcosed fee in return for exiting its previous distribution contract.