Who's Your Daddy has signed a distribution agreement with Seven-Up Bottling for its line of energy drinks.
Seven-Up Bottling said late last week that it plans to distribute Who's Your Daddy's 'King of Energy' drinks in the immediate areas just outside of Milwaukee in the US.
The addition of Seven-Up positions Who's Your Daddy in the mid-west, complementing its existing distributors in the west and south-east.

Who's Your Daddy vice president Joesph Conte said: "We are pleased to add Seven-Up of Watertown as our 39th distributor nationwide because they hit our strategic target of addressing the convenience store, bar, restaurant and vending segments of the energy drink market."

The energy drinks company recently reported net revenues of US$133,814 for the first quarter against net revenues of $150,457 for the same quarter of 2006. The net loss for the first quarter narrowed from $1.05m to $926,008, the Californian energy drinks company said last week.