H. Weston & Sons has unveiled a new innovation for the on-trade cider category in the UK.

The family-owned company said yesterday (4 March) that it has signed a three-year agreement with IMI Cornelius to roll out nationwide Westons Premium Cider with Cider Ice. The premium, destination cider builds on the growth of 'Extra Cold' beverages and is designed to "reinvigorate the imagination" of 'over ice' consumers, the company said.

The cider is served using a two-part pour, whereby two-thirds of a pint of extra cold cider is initially dispensed and then topped with a cider ice head.

"This product has no added water, just pure cider ice," said Roger Jackson, Westons commercial director. "This means that there is no question of dilution to lessen the flavour and no oversized glassware is needed to serve it.

"Like other Westons products, it is well matured to deliver a rich, smooth taste bursting with natural apple flavour and is a really exciting addition to our range."