Tesco has escaped sanction from the Portman Group

Tesco has escaped sanction from the Portman Group

A complaint over Tesco's budget alcohol range has been dismissed by the UK industry's marketing watchdog.

The complaint, lodged by a member of public, argued that the supermarket chain's 'Everyday Value' alcohol range implied drinks should be consumed on a daily basis. However, Tesco argued that the range covered other products, aside from alcohol.

The range is called ‘Everyday Value’, not ‘Everyday Drinking’, and it did not instruct the customer to drink every day, the company added.

In dismissing the complaint, The Portman Group's independent complaints panel agreed that “the spirit behind ‘Everyday Value’ lay in the latter definition and not as an instruction to consume the product ‘every day’”. 

Henry Ashworth, the Portman Group's chief executive said: “Alcohol producers must be rigorous in ensuring their product marketing does not promote immoderate consumption.”