The ad was promoting Bulmers No 17

The ad was promoting Bulmers No 17

The UK's advertising watchdog has rejected a complaint from Alcohol Concern over a Heineken campaign featuring its Bulmers cider brand and musician Plan B. 

The charity, on behalf of the Youth Alcohol Advertising Council (YAAC), claimed the ads - feauturing a surprise pub performance by Plan B - implied that his "confidence had been increased and, by implication, his performance improved, by the consumption of alcohol". 

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said today (19 September) that it also considered whether the ads, for Bulmers No 17, were "irresponsible" as they were likely to appeal to under-18s. 

But Heineken argued that there was no suggestion in the ad that Plan B was "lacking in confidence", either before or during his performance. The musician was seen putting down a glass of Bulmers, but there was no indication that his "performance was improved in any way, or that there was any change in mood or behaviour", the brewer added. 

The brewer also said that "the fan base and general appeal of Plan B and his music, were adult in nature, and they did not feel he was likely to appeal strongly to under 18-year-olds". 

The ASA dismissed the complaints and said "no further action" was necessary.