The company has always maintained its products are safe

The company has always maintained its products are safe

German authorities have given the all-clear to brewer Warsteiner's products following a Legionella outbreak at its brewery in the country.

The potentially lethal bacteria was found in the waste water at the Warsteiner production facility and tourists were warned to stay away from the area, the Finanical Times reported earlier this month. The bacteria was linked to an outbreak of sickness in the town of Warstein, in the Soest district, which infected 165 people and caused two deaths. 

Yesterday, however, the country's Environment Ministry declared Warsteiner's output safe. The ministry said “no abnormalities” were found in seven samples taken from the brewery. Three beer samples, prior to bottling, and four water samples were tested. 

Warsteiner had insisted throughout that its products were safe, but had set up a special consumer helpline to deal with concerns. 

A Warsteiner spokesperson told just-drinks: “We are glad that – as expected - the harmlessness of our products is now also acknowledged by the public authorities. Our beer is clean and safe to consume.”

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