Warsteiner has followed Radeberger in announcing its intention to quit the German beer trade association Deutsche Brauer-Bund.

Speaking to just-drinks today (20 December), a spokesperson for the DBB confirmed that Warsteiner is set to leave the body at the end of next year." Last month, the same spokeseperson said that Radeberger will exit the DBB at some point in 2008.

"Warsteiner feels that there are problems with the structure of the DBB internally," the spokesperson said. "The company believes the DBB does not meet the demands of larger brewing groups within Germany. They claim that we are not willing to restructure."

The spokesperson added that the DBB operates as "an umbrella organisation" within the country. Between the DBB and Germany's brewers are the state associations, which represent the beer makers.

"Internal discussions with DBB board members and Warsteiner are ongoing," the spokesperson continued. "We will take a break over the holiday period, but when the talks start up again next year, we hope that this problem can be solved."

Warsteiner is keener to have a direct representation on the DBB and not rely on the state beer associations.

In November, Radeberger, which accounts for around 15% of the German beer market, announced it will leave the DBB, citing the same reason.