Interbrew UK has bought back Tina and Ingrid for a new national advertising campaign for Vodka Source.

Under the new tagline, "Vodka Source Welcomes you to Sweden', the campaign hopes to target drinkers aged 18-24. The Scandinavian duo will return to Channel 4 after its target audience rated it the joint top PPS brand in terms of the quality of its advertising.

Interbrew UK claims that the campaign communicates the message that it is a refreshing drink and a fun brand. "The 'welcomes you to Sweden' campaign shows the two blondes once again providing their guide to essential elements of Swedish outdoor life," said Interbrew UK.

"Sweden is a perfect metaphor for Vodka Source as it symbolises the brand's fresh, clean, refreshing and clear product characteristics and the campaign is extremely popular with the brands target audience."

Two existing advertisements, Northern Lights and Claw, are also featured during the campaign with Tina and Ingrid enjoying a bottle of Vodka Source with a group of Laplanders in front of a large bonfire on a freezing night beneath the stars. The Claw execution shows the girls tucking into a traditional fish meal as they watch a group of unfortunate men try a novel way of catching Crayfish.

Research by AC Nielsen claims that Vodka Source is one of the brands driving the growth of the PPS sector. Figures from AC Nielsen showed that on-trade value sales rose by 63% during last year while take home sterling sales increased by 40% over the same period.