Street protests and violence have forced Carlsberg to close its brewery in Urumqi, the capital city of China's Xinjiang province.

Thousands of state troops have been deployed to Urumqi by the Government in Beijing in order to quell three days of violence between ethnic groups that is reported to have left more than 150 dead in the city.

Carlsberg's has been forced to close its brewery in Urumqi, due to concerns about the security of employees, a spokesperson for the brewer told just-drinks today (8 July).

"Our brewery on Urumqi has been closed for the last three days," he said, adding: "The most important thing for Carlsberg is the security for the employees."

It remains unclear how severely beer sales in the north western province will be affected, he said.

Half of Carlsberg's 20 breweries in China are in Xinjiang province. The group owns 89% of its brewing partner in the province, Xinjiang Lanjian Jianiang.

Urumqi was reported to be in "lockdown" today as state forces sought to end the violence between Han Chinese and Uighurs. Internet access has been cut across the city, according to Chinese state media.