Click through to see Vinprom Peshteras Mastika Peshtera

Click through to see Vinprom Peshtera's Mastika Peshtera

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Vinprom Peshtera's Mastika Peshtera

Category - Spirits, aniseed-flavoured, 40% abv

Available - From next month

Location - Bulgaria, off-trade – independent specialists and multiple grocers, including Kaufland and Billa

Price - BGN6 (US$4.08) per 70cl bottle

Distribution - Vinprom Peshtera

Bulgarian drinks producer Vinprom Peshtera has lined up a relaunch for its Mastika Peshtera spirits brand in the country. The company tasked brand design consultancy Blue Marlin with designing a new bottle for the brand.

Mastika is usually served chilled and is stored in the freezer, resulting in the formation of crystals at low temperatures. Blue Marlin looked to use this attribute, with crystals being represented on pack in both the label graphics and the bottle itself.