Guillaume Deglise was announced as Vinexpo chief in October

Guillaume Deglise was announced as Vinexpo chief in October

Vinexpo is looking to introduce consumer ‘activities’ linked to the group’s global exhibitions, and to up the events' overall focus on spirits.

Speaking exclusively to just-drinks today (28 January), chief executive Guillaume Deglise said a separate consumer element is being considered for Vinexpo’s ‘Nippon’ event in Tokyo in November as a trial. “We are looking at some kind of activities for consumers during the exhibitions,” he said.

Deglise added that the shows will host “many wine celebrities to lead master classes”. “We don’t want to open the doors to the consumers, but as we have wine celebrities in town, we think: why not have another event next to Vinexpo aimed at the consumer? We are looking at it for Tokyo.”

Asked if separate consumers events would be considered for the flagship Bordeaux show, Deglise replied: “We are thinking about it as a possibility.”

Deglise, who replaced Robert Beynat as Vinexpo CEO last October, also revealed that the Tokyo show will have a “good market share” of spirits, with plans for a central bar to showcase new trends.

Looking across all the company's shows, he added: “We believe we can do more (with spirits) as the trends for the spirits market is growing.” Currently, spirits make up around 15% of the Bordeaux show.

Meanwhile, Deglise declined to confirm whether an event would be held in Beijing next year, following the cancellation of a planned show this year. 

On the US, he said Vinexpo is “keeping an eye” on the market but it is “difficult to say” when a show would be launched there. A consumer show was planned for 2012, but was pulled after a lack of exhibitors. “We have to be there at some stage,” he said.