If winter is the season for a warming, straight-up martini, then summer calls for a crisp splash of citrusy spirits on the rocks.

The importer of the recently released Vincent Vodka and Van Gogh Gin has introduced two new Dutch spirits in limited quantities -- Vincent Oranje Vodka and Vincent Citroen Vodka.

Crafted with the original Vincent Vodka recipe at Holland's historic Dirkzwager Distillery, Vincent Oranje is flavored with an extract of fresh oranges, and Vincent Citroen with an extract of fresh lemons and limes. "The Dutch have been flavoring their spirits with fruit essences for centuries," says David van de Velde, president of Van Gogh importer Luctor International. "We have enhanced the Dirkzwager's old family orange and lemon-lime recipes with a secret blend of other citrus fruits, making them ideal as refreshing cocktail mixers or enjoyed pure and simple."

These extensions of the Van Gogh line build on the instant success of the brand's first ultrapremium gin and vodka, released in late 1999. "Americans have demonstrated their growing passion for seeking out spirits of the highest quality," says van de Velde. "They have also shown us their affection for van Gogh by taking a keen interest in becoming collectors of our bottles, with their colorful homage to the great Dutch artist."

Vincent Oranje Vodka and Citroen Vodka will be packaged in the distinctive patented Van Gogh bottle, with its square shoulders, pure-white etching and magnified see-through panel. The artwork on the bottles will continue the theme of van Gogh-inspired art reproduced with multiple silk-screened colors and viewed in three dimensions as the bottle is turned. Oranje pictures an orange orchard with mountains in the background and a still life of oranges and painter's brushes in the foreground. Citroen depicts van Gogh painting a self-portrait, alongside a basket of lemons and a Japanesque vase of flowering branches.

Although the spirits are crystal clear, the artwork will cast a pale glow of their predominant colors -- orange for Oranje; green for Citroen.

Vincent Oranje Vodka and Vincent Citroen Vodka will be available in limited quantities in selected U.S. markets in June. The suggested retail price for each is $30/750 ml.

With Vincent Vodka and Van Gogh Gin, Luctor International brought the first ultrapremium Dutch spirits into the U.S. market. One of the most dynamic companies in the spirits market today, privately held Luctor is based in Reno, Nevada.