Vimto Soft Drinks has launched a new campaign aimed at reducing the number of children injured as a result of cycling accidents on UK roads.

In partnership with councils throughout the UK, Vimto is embarking on a national programme, an initiative supported by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, to provide councils with much needed support to get the safety message across.

Emma Hunt, Vimto marketing manager said: "We are working to support councils in their schemes with the ultimate aim of helping ensure all 10-to 11-year-old children receive some cycling training by making the schemes more fun and involving.

"As the UK's roads are getting busier with increasing amounts of traffic it is essential we help to ensure children can ride their bikes safely," she added.

Vimto originally launched a pilot scheme with Kent County Council earlier this year and is now supplying the same cycling proficiency materials to other counties across the UK and will continue to roll out the scheme to councils to achieve full national coverage in the next two years.