Chilean winemaker Viña TerraMater is expecting sales to grow by 5-7% in
2002, the company's general manager, Alfredo Schiapaccasse announced.

Viña TerraMater produced a total of 400,000 cases in 2001, generating income of $8.5 million, but the winemaker is confident sales will generate at least US$9m in 2002.

Around 98% of the company's production is destined for export, primarily to the United Kingdom. Other key markets for TerraMater include Scandinavia, the US and Japan.

The company owns 600 hectares of vineyards in the Maipo, Curicó and San
Clemente regions of Chile. TerraMater also produces and distributes olive oil. The company plans to plant a further 100 hectares of olives in 2002 to extend its existing 180-hectare plantation.