VeeV Spirits VeeV 2.0

VeeV Spirits' VeeV 2.0

VeeV Spirits' VeeV 2.0

Category - Spirits, acai-based, 35% abv

Available - From this month

Location - US, nation-wide

Price - SRP of US$29.99 per bottle

VeeV Spirits has replaced its namesake brand with a reformulated version that is attempting to position itself in the vodka category.

VeeV 2.0 has a higher abv than the original 30% VeeV and comes with the tagline “What Vodka Should Be”, VeeV Spirits said yesterday (16 July). It also features redesigned packaging and will be supported by a “multi-million dollar” ad campaign.

"We've been very successful with VeeV over the last six years, especially in on-premise, but we've made this change based on our research with consumers and top mixologists from around the country and our aspirations to take our brand to new heights," said VeeV Spirits co-founder Carter Reum.

VeeV is distilled using acai berries. In 2012, VeeV Spirits launched VeeV VitaFrute Cocktails, the company's first brand extensions.